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Finding Peace and Healing: Embracing God's Unwavering Love

By Lisa Robitaille

Pastor Liz sitting outside

My dear friends, in a world that often feels broken and tumultuous, we can find solace and strength in the presence of our Creator. In Pastor Liz's fourth sermon of October '23, she encouraged us to find peace, and healing, and embrace God's unwavering love. She encouraged us to draw inspiration from the "Garden of Eden", inviting us to think about creating our own sacred space, a place we can call our garden, and ask the Heavenly Father for guidance. Just as we find ourselves in the midst of life's challenges, we know that we can approach our Heavenly Father with our brokenness and burdens. We understand that His love is loyal, faithful, and unwavering.

🌿 "God's loyal, faithful, never-stopping, never-giving-up love is a continued promise that this brokenness is going to be repaired." - Pastor Liz 🌿

Allow these words to be a source of hope and inspiration as you seek healing and restoration in your daily lives. Take a moment today to reflect on your own journey and the profound impact of your time with God in bringing peace and transformation.


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