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Welcome to the Ultimate Hub for Bible Studies and Resources!

Discover a world of spiritual growth and enrichment through the collection of Bible studies and Resources. Here at Polson Park Church, we're dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive platform to deepen your understanding of the Word and enhance your journey of faith.

Bible Study Resources

Right Now Media
Join and get access now of over 20,000 Bible Study videos

Right Now Media is a streaming library of more than 20,000 Bible study videos for you.

Polson Park family can now have access to Right Now Media through our account at no cost.

Click the button below to make an account!

Connect 3 Bible Study

We are excited to announce new in-person bible study groups called Connect 3!

Called Connect 3, its purpose is to connect with 1) God, 2) one another, and 3) our community.

Connect 3 is a great way to collectively grasp an understanding of God through His Word and dive deeper into the Sunday sermon to see how we can apply it to our lives. These groups become small communities often sharing through personal journeys of discovery and are a great way to build community within our church for new and existing people

Please note: Connect 3 will begin again Fall 2023

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Polson Park Printables

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