Local Community Outreach

Whether it is having a baby shower or filling baby bottles with money to help Kingston Pregnancy Care Center provide needed items; lovingly distributing personal care items to homeless people; or taking a hot breakfast to people in a shelter on New Year’s Day. We are ministering together to make the love of God very practical and real in Kingston.


Prayer is an opportunity for us to worship God, express our faith and trust in Him, listen for His voice and give to Him the concerns of life. Though we encourage each person to have their own personal prayer life, we celebrate together times of corporate prayer: Tuesdays – 9:30 a.m.

We also have a prayer ministry team that prays for specific things on behalf of others. If you have a prayer need that you would like prayer, email us at

Livin' It Groups

Our Livin It Groups are groups of individuals who meet on a regular basis (often weekly) to share life together. Many discuss Sunday’s message and talk about specific questions geared towards what was said. Often there are times of catching up and praying for one another. Some look at ways to make a practical difference and join together on a work or ministry project. Most of all, they are a place where you can talk and be heard, find love and support, and journey with others.

Adult Fun Nights

“Need a pick-me-up, need to laugh?  We have the answer for you - Adult Fun Nights– the last Saturday of each month. As adults we come together and laugh.  Sometimes we have a meal together (potluck or we meet at a restaurant), sometimes we play board games or lawn games or go on a Scavenger Hunt or go bowling or have a pool party.
You never really know what we are up to but it doesn’t really matter what we do – we laugh.  Don’t want to come alone – bring a friend!  All adults are welcome.”

Kingston Messianic Fellowship

The Kingston Messianic Fellowship or KMF is not a congregation or church.  It is a gathering of people looking into the Bible to see what it has to say to our lives today.  We look at the history surrounding the passages to see what the passages meant to the original audience at the time and then look forward to the principles we learn to see how we can apply them in our day.

KMF meets the first and third Friday of each month, from the third Friday of September through the third Friday of June, at 7:30 p.m. We enjoy celebrating the Sabbath together each Friday night that we meet; with blessings over the candles, wine or grape juice, if you prefer and challah, a special bread.  We often celebrate the Biblical Festivals that God outlines for us in the Bible.

KMF is open to all who are interested in learning about the Bible from a more Jewish perspective.