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Exploring Identity: Reflections on 1 Peter 1:1–12

A woman in a green dress walking in a field of greenery

A question we occasionally ask ourselves is, "Who am I"? Sometimes the question pops up during times of stress or uncertainty. It could relate to a job loss, an illness, a relational problem, an addiction, or a time of personal re-evaluation. Behind the question, we may be asking is: "Do I have value? Does anyone care? Where am I going with my life? Does it matter?"

The "Who am I?" question is another way of thinking about our identity. Identity involves aspects of who we are. We can describe ourselves in terms of gender, relational status (single, married, divorced, in a relationship), roles (husband, wife, parent, employer, employee, profession), our values, and our religion (I am... Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Bahai, Hindu).

Identity encompasses multiple dimensions, yet occasionally one aspect stands out, shining as the primary force that defines and influences all other facets of who we are. It could be that we are in a season of life when our role as a parent or caregiver dominates how we think of ourselves. Or it could be our profession—I am a pastor, a doctor, a librarian, a coach, or a counselor.

In the letter we call 1 Peter, Peter identifies himself as an apostle of Jesus Christ. As an apostle of Jesus, Peter is saying that he is one who Jesus has sent out. He was sent out as an ambassador for Jesus to proclaim the good news of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.

After identifying himself as an apostle of Jesus Christ, Peter has an important message for those who have experienced God’s forgiveness and new life in Jesus.

This Sunday, we will look at verses 1–12 in 1 Peter, delving into the profound insights they offer regarding our identity. Join us as we engage in an exploration of 1 Peter 1:1–12. Whether you are already a follower of Jesus or asking questions about your identity, you may find these reflections helpful. Be part of the journey as we explore identity together.


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