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A Look At
Our Ministries


Worship Ministry: This ministry, also known as worship leadership, involves organizing and leading the worship services of our church, including music, prayer, and other elements of worship. Polson Park Church's Worship Leaders play a vital role in creating a meaningful and uplifting worship experience for church attendees.


Our Worship Ministry creates a welcoming and inclusive environment for our church family each Sunday. If you sing, play an instrument and are interested in our worship ministry, please connect with Polson Park Church Office to get more information and we will direct you to the worship ministry lead.


Outreach Ministry: The outreach ministries at Polson Park Church provide hope, support and belonging to those in our community through a variety of initiatives. These include community building and service projects, and support for those in need. We believe that these efforts can help bring people together and make a positive impact in our community.  

  • 'Ladies At The Park' is our Women’s Ministry

  • Men’s Monthly Accountability Group

  • Coffee Time Weekly Community Gathering


Children’s MinistryDuring Sunday service, Polson Park Church is there to support kids as they develop their faith and connection with Jesus in a warm and welcoming environment. We help kids learn about Jesus, develop a close relationship with him, and use their skills and gifts to serve others during our Sunday morning programs and activities. We aim to make kids feel valued and included in God's plan for the world because we think they are integral members of the church family.


Connect with us at Polson Park Church to take advantage of volunteer ministry opportunities and community outreach service to feel the joys of belonging or serving.


Care Ministry: CARE (Concerned About Reaching Everyone) is a ministry at Polson Park Church that aims to serve and support people within our church family. This ministry expresses the love of Christ by connecting with people through phone calls and visits, meeting emotional and spiritual needs through small groups, and addressing physical needs through benevolent outreach.


The CARE Ministry seeks to let people know that they matter and are valued. This is done through the Care Callers, who make phone calls, and the Visitation Ministry, who make home visits. These personal contacts allow the church to be aware of needs within the community and provide a way for people to feel connected and supported. In an increasingly high-tech world, the CARE Ministry recognizes the importance of personal connections and human interaction in supporting the needs of our community.


Prayer Ministry: Prayer is an important part of our faith at Polson Park Church and an opportunity to worship God, express our trust in Him, listen for His voice, and bring our concerns to Him. We encourage individuals to have their own personal prayer life, but we also gather in group where we pray on behalf of others.


Prayer Chain: We have a 20-person prayer chain that offers you pray for a specific need you may have. Email to let us know your needs and we will advise our prayer chain for you.


Intercessory Prayer: We also have our Intercessory Prayer group that meets every 2 weeks. Intercessory Prayer is the act of praying on behalf of someone else, essentially standing in the gap between that person and God.


On Saturday mornings at 9:30 a.m., a group gathers at the church annex building for a time of intercessory prayer for our church and community. This is a time to cry out to God and ask Him to move in the lives of those around us and to do the work only He can do in our homes, families, church, and community.

If you are interested in joining this group check our Calendar of Events for the Saturday that this group will be running.

Sunday Pre-service Prayer:

We gather in the church prayer room every Sunday before service at 10:00m to pray. The pre-service prayer gives us an opportunity to come together to:

  • Uphold the church, its leaders, and the worship service in prayer.

  • Pray and strengthen those who will be attending.

  • Set us as a church expectant for God to move in our church service and in our community.  

To participate in this prayer group, any individual, no matter what age, is welcome.

Mission Ministry: Beyond our local community involvement, we are also involved nationally and globally by partnering with various individuals and mission organizations.

Tearfund Canada is the compassion avenue we support in helping to make a difference in the world. Their main focus is helping people to work together to help end poverty in their lives and communities. If you want to find out more about this great ministry click here.

Dean and Stephanie Babcock and their family are presently serving as missionaries in Malawi. They are Canadian missionaries to Malawi, Africa, ministering to subsistence farmers through evangelism, discipleship, and teaching sustainable agriculture and balanced nutrition. If you would like to follow along with what is happening, please check out their blog here.


    Interested in joining one of our Ministries?

    Get in touch so we can start working together.

    God Bless

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