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A Strange Encounter

A strange encounter took place at the home of Simon the Pharisee. Jesus was the invited guest. Dinner was served and then an uninvited guest appears. It was not unusual for invited guest to come to dinners as observers. Dinners were not closed off events but open for public observation. Given that Jesus was the guest there may have been several who followed him to the home of Simon.

The uninvited guests who caught everyone’s attention was a women with a reputation. Her behaviour toward Jesus and Jesus’ response raised questions among those who observed.

Questions like: What is going on? Why is Jesus allowing this to happen to him? Does he not know the reputation of this women?

Jesus response to these questions have much to teach us about how we are called to interact with the people around us. I invite you to look at Luke 7: 36-50. You can ask: What is this passage of scripture saying to me?

Prayer: Father as we interact with the people around us help us to live out what it means to be followers of Jesus. Amen.

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