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Board of Governance Member's Biography

Tiffany Verk – Treasurer

Tiffany joined Polson Parks youth group in 2004, where she met her husband. Her dedication to serving the Lord at Polson has grown over the years. She has actively participated in ministries such as Missions, Children's Worship, and Buildings and Grounds. Tiffany also served on the West End Daycare Board and was elected as Treasurer in 2020 due to her servant heart and financial expertise.

Outside of her involvement in ministry and work, Tiffany enjoys traveling, playing baseball, and renovation projects with her husband, Kaleb. They have a beloved fluffy cat named Arlo.


Wayne Pratt – Delegate

Wayne Pratt is a greater Kingston resident living on the lake with his lovely wife, Elizabeth, and is the proud father of Bethany Crausen. As a life coach with a passion for personal development, Wayne has been around Polson for the last twenty years and is proud to call it his church home. With his extensive experience and expertise, he empowers individuals to achieve their goals, overcome obstacles, and unlock their full potential. Wayne's compassionate guidance and unwavering support have helped countless people transform their lives and find fulfillment in various aspects, including career, relationships, and personal growth. Whether through one-on-one coaching sessions or group workshops, Wayne is dedicated to inspiring and motivating others on their journey of self-discovery and personal success.


Isaiah Dada - Delegate

Isaiah Dada is a passionate lecturer, skilled caregiver, and Spiritual Health Practitioner with extensive experience in theology, psychotherapy, and spiritual guidance. With an international background, he brings a compassionate approach and a wealth of knowledge to his roles. As a Spiritual Health Practitioner at Kingston Health Science Centre, Isaiah offers invaluable support to patients and their families, providing comfort and guidance during challenging times. Additionally, he plays a crucial role as the lead of the care ministry at Polson Park and as a member of the governance board, showcasing his strong leadership skills and dedication to community service.

Isaiah's contributions to the field of peace education are notable. His publications, such as "Praxeological Challenges in Formulating an Interreligious Curriculum for Peace Education in Nigeria" and "Defibrillation of Peace," highlight his dedication to promoting peace and understanding in diverse contexts. Overall, Isaiah Dada's multifaceted roles as a lecturer, caregiver, Spiritual Health Practitioner, and leader reflect his unwavering dedication to making a positive difference in the lives of others through his expertise, compassion, and commitment to education and peace education.

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